Criminology Lab – Video of Large SPASDOT Meeting in El Kadsre Surprises KRDF

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on and narrated this report during the KBN Evening News broadast on April 16, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: Tonight, a new video appears to feature a rogue’s gallery of SPASDOT terrorists in El Kadsre. The leader vowed to attack the Kozanese embassy and the United States as well. Several plots against Kozanese bases there originated in El Kadsre’s Sentan region, including Gyonyoru Foldunk’s failed attempt to blow up an Air El Kadsre airliner on Christmas Day of 1999. Homeland Security Correspondent Kisumi Torisawa has more about the video.

Kisumi: Intelligence analysts believe the video was recorded recently as it shows SPASDOT celebrating the homecoming of captured operatives from the destruction of a prison in Sentan back in February. Around 100 heavily-armed members of SPASDOT’s El Kadsreian branch are shown in the tape embracing their leader Seong Yang-un, a North Korean who defected more than a decade ago with his family. Seong in the tape apparently strikes a pledge of allegiance to attack Kozan and the United States. But SPASDOT analysts are surprised that their leader Frederic Sam Fawkes staged the rally shown in Northwest El Kadsre which has been frequently targeted by the El Kadsreian military.

While the tape does not openly suggest any imminent attack, some of the Crimsonites’ faces have been blurred. The worry is those anonymous Crimsonites may have some particular value in a future plot. SPASDOT in El Kadsre continues to be their most dangerous and capable franchise in the country. The group was behind two failed plots against commercial airliners in 2000 hidden inside computer printers.

The Kozanese Royal Defense Force became aware of this new video a couple of weeks ago when it was posted on Crimsonite websites, but the CIA will not tell us if they knew of the meeting when it happened.

Anchor: Kisumi, thank you very much.


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