Drillimation Systems Statement on George Floyd protests

Greetings Chuhou Joutai players.

If in case you didn’t know, the site has been seeing a rapid decline in views because of the George Floyd protests across the United States and elsewhere. In addition, we have been playing around in VRoid Studio if for some reason Chuhou Joutai gets a sequel. In addition, another demake of a PC-98 Touhou Project game is heading out the door this summer.

Because Chuhou Joutai has you fighting in Kozan’s civil war and many cities in the country are based on real-world cities in the United States and Canada, the timing of the release was poor, as it released just four days before the riots began. Erie, Pennsylvania, the city where Drillimation Systems is based in and the basis for Kozankyo (its in-game version), was one of the cities hit by the riots. The locations attacked included the city hall, which is the basis for Kozan’s parliament building, and various businesses being looted and/or vandalized. In addition, hundreds of people chanted “No justice, no peace.” Things could’ve been a whole lot worse if they displayed the red flag used by SPASDOT and create another red scare.

If protests continue, it could erupt into a full-blown civil war like in Chuhou Joutai, and we certainly do not want this to happen. The conflict that started the American Civil War lasting between 1861 and 1865 was slavery. While no dark-skinned characters appear in the game, the west has their own thinking of depicting dark-skinned characters in video games, which is different from Japan, the main country Drillimation targets.

Even before Chuhou Joutai released on Steam, we were worried about making players in Eastern Europe and Southeastern Asia upset due to the depiction of communist imagery which is what SPASDOT follows. Communism in any form is not banned in the United States as it is legally protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. After the game released, the game did not spark any outrage from players in those two regions.

In order to prevent further protests from erupting, we ask that people interested in gaming should take to Chuhou Joutai instead. Please share a link to this article on social media and have a good day.


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