Distinguishing Princess Konata from Princess Kagami in Chuhou Joutai

One of them has the tiara, the other does not.

NOTE: Part of this article is for those who have completed Chuhou Joutai. We don’t recommend reading this until you have completed the main game at least once, though no spoilers will be present.

It’s very easy to confuse Kagami Ochiai and Crown Princess Konata in Chuhou Joutai, since they both share the same title. In a mixed review for the game, the critic incorrectly stated that Kagami Ochiai was King Soujirou’s daughter. Kagami Ochiai is a pop idol and actually uses Princess Kagami in her stage title. Even though Kagami doesn’t come from any royal blood, her family actually descended from the daimyo (feudal lords of Japan).

If those names sound familiar to you, their names may have come from the luckiest stars on the planet. Chuhou Joutai not only satirizes the Lucky Star anime and manga in the gaming world, but other works by Kyoto Animation. And a few weeks ago, the suspect who firebombed KyoAni last year has been formally charged for using arson to commit murder and one count of committing a terrorist act, after a 10-month investigation. But the reason why he can’t be charged with domestic terrorism is he didn’t use the attack to push any specific ideology.

Back to the main topic, I can give you a comparison of both in the table below (there’s unfortunately no proper way to do a venn diagram in HTML):

Kagami OchiaiBothCrown Princess Konata of Kozan
* Born in Kozankyo, descended from the daimyo
* Dresses in kimono more often, generally at her grandparents’ home
* Pop idol
* Is accepted by Susumu Takajima as his love interest
* Prefers sweet lolita
* Wields a fan as a weapon
* Doesn’t usually wear hats in public
* Favorite color is orange
* Use the term “princess” in their titles
* Often attend dances and balls
* Members of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force
* Are close friends of Susumu Takajima
* Are very fashionable
* Have multi-colored hair
* Member of the Kozanese Royal Family (the reason she doesn’t have a surname)
* Occasionally dresses in kimono, usually only for festivals and other Japanese events
* Even though she was born in Horudika Canal, she has spent most of her childhood in Kozankyo
* Prefers gothic lolita
* Wields a whip as a weapon
* Favorite color is red, just like Driller

Both Kagami Ochiai and Crown Princess Konata are very fashionable meaning they can wear a wide variety of outfits for whatever occasion. Not to mention they both have multi-colored hair, with Kagami having red on top, lime for the sidelocks, and pink for the back which she usually ties in twin tails. Konata has hair that goes from navy to black. Their relationship is like any normal one, though I am opposed to LGBT relationships since this is Pride Month (oh God, fanart will likely show yuri pairings of them).

Just like any girl, they both have a dream goal. Kagami has the intention to become a member of the Kozanese Royal Family, but this may never happen, even though this is in fact every young girl’s dream. As an alternative, she was recruited to the Kozanese Royal Defense Force instead. Konata’s goal is to become the queen so she can counter SPASDOT and end Kozan’s Civil War. Not to mention every person should have an opportunity to meet a public figure in-person, and a royalty would be one rare occasion.


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