Criminology Lab – SPASDOT Claims Kamikaze Bomber in Western Kozan was American

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on May 28, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

I apparently received a lot of disturbing new details over the past few hours that SPASDOT has claimed an American citizen has become the first American kamikaze bomber in Kozan. He carried out the attack on Tuesday in a rural area of Kaitsushima province just south of Uriha. I apparently received an image of the attacker which has been circulating around Crimsonite forums. The bomber’s name was revealed to be Ryuichi Itou Tanizawa with the image showing him holding a cat. SPASDOT even released a propaganda video that showed how the attack happened.

It was a massive explosion; the video shows a truck that was packed with at least 1,700 kilograms worth of explosives. The video also shows the Crimsonites packing artillery shells into the target at an abandoned restaurant in Kaitsushima province. Later in the video, one of the trucks approaches the target then a massive explosion occurs, you can even hear the Crimsonites shout “Flandre wa saikou” as the attack commences. The explosion was accompanied by a huge shockwave and an extremely loud blast powerful enough to rupture a person’s eardrums.

I told the ambassador to the United States at the US embassy here in Kozan that it was a US person. However, he told me he’s not sure if that person was an American citizen or a foreign resident living there. They only way they can tell is if they conduct DNA tests but because of the size of that explosion, conducting them would be very difficult as there are likely no remnants left from it.


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