How updates for Chuhou Joutai will be handled

Is that Kagami playing Player 1!?

Greetings Chuhou Joutai players.

The game has been only out for a few days. I will also to Screenshot Saturdays to showcase what will be in future updates. Fridays will be secret Fridays where random tweakings will be made to the game. The first above is allowing Kagami Ochiai to be player 1. This was a huge request from players based on reviews we read. The truth is we can’t simply create whatever we want in the game. We have to reflect player feedback and help improve players’ experiences if they didn’t have the best possible one.

When the Chuhou Joutai demo first released last year, we have been quick to address common complaints players had with the game as we finished it. The first such issue to correct is to make Kagami Ochiai be exclusive to player 1 when playing in single player mode. The other such request is to make the cutscenes a little shorter by having a two second rest period instead of the traditional three. Difficulty balancing is also a chore. When we receive complaints that certain sectors are too difficult, we will usually balance the gameplay to ensure players can beat it.

Special offer this week.

The game was released at the start of Memorial Day weekend in the United States. To commemorate it and for those who can’t go out because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chuhou Joutai is a way to keep you busy while you’re at home, and we’re offering a 10% discount. One person even hoped the game could become a hit. However, things may start slow since this is a brand new franchise, but as word goes around on social media and video sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch, the fanbase will grow. When I checked the median play session for the game, it ranged between 30 – 40 minutes of play time. That’s what I expected, as one runthrough of the game takes around 30 – 60 minutes depending on the speed of you and your machine.

Perhaps the biggest complaint I have for Steam is Valve pays you at the end of every month. Come on Valve, why not pay every two weeks? Even sending them an invoice won’t help. Drillimation needs the money to survive and grow.

Anyway, I hope you have a good day and look forward to the new update Friday.


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