Public Holidays in Kozan

The different holidays in Kozan are mainly part of cultural, patriotic, and religious observations that Kozan legislates at federal levels. Many employers and school systems provide days off for major holidays or in some cases an entire week.

National holidays

DateEnglish nameJapanese nameRemarks
January 1New Year’s Dayお正月(Oshōgatsu)Celebrates the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Also commemorates the creation of the Kozanese throne by Queen Marisa in 1702.
May 17Independence Day独立の日(Dokuritsu no Hi)Commemorates Kozan becoming a constitutional monarchy on May 17, 1809 after declaring independence from Sweden.
First Monday in SeptemberLabor Day労働の日(Rōdō no Hi)Meant to mark the end of summer and the return of students to school; celebrates the economic and social achievements of workers.
Fourth Thursday in NovemberThanksgiving感謝祭(Kansha-sai)Commemorates the arrival of the Swedish in the late 17th century. It is also the day to thank the Swedish for what they’ve done to Kozan during the autumn.
December 25Christmas Dayクリスマスの日(Kurisumasu no Hi)Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in Christianity, was formerly celebrated by only the Swedish in Kozan but is nowadays celebrated by everyone in the country.
VariableMonarch’s Birthday君主の誕生日(Kunshu no Tanjōbi)Celebrates the birthday of the current reigning monarch of Kozan. Date changes upon royal succession to the throne.
VariableConsort’s Birthday配偶者の誕生日(Haigūsha no Tanjōbi)Celebrates the birthday of the consort to the reigning monarch of Kozan. Can’t be celebrated if the current reigning monarch is not married or widowed. Date changes upon royal succession to the throne.

Federal holidays

These holidays are mandated by legislation for federally regulated employees. All banks and post offices commemorate them like usual, but they remain in business.

DateEnglish nameJapanese nameRemarks
March 3Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day)ひな祭り(Hinamatsuri)Celebrated mainly in Japan; parents set up dolls on tiered cloth to wish their daughters good luck in their lives.
First Monday in AprilCommencement of the Academic Year学年開始(Gakunen kaishi)Commemorates the start of a new academic term for schools across the country.
July 7Tanabata七夕(name is same in English)Celebrated mainly in Japan; summer holiday meant to commemorate the one and only reunion of Orihime and Hikoboshi.
October 31Sealing Day封印の日(Fūin no Hi)Comparable to Halloween in Christianity, it is an autumn holiday meant to honor those who died over the past year by enshrining their spirits.

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