The Real Driller’s Mario Maker courses, Streamed Live on Twitch

On Friday, May 8, 2020, Twitch streamer @whimindie did a livestream of various Mario Maker courses requested by fans. Two courses by Drillimation Systems were featured. They were both multiplayer co-op courses done by players GroverWhim (Mario) and Mizore J (Luigi, transliterated from Japanese).

Watch the full livestream here.

The Streamers playing the SMS Pachinko Game course (ID L0T-TDQ-1PF)

SMS Pachinko Game (ID L0T-TDQ-1PF)

At around 12 minutes into the stream, the SMS Pachinko Game course was played. It’s a recreation of the toughest level found in Super Mario Sunshine. The goal of the level is like the original, Mario has been thrown into a pachinko machine with the main objective being to collect all eight red coins. However, at the time of the course’s creation last year, the limit for the number of key coins was five before that number was doubled to ten in later updates.

Grover managed to get the first red coin before Mizore accidentally softlocked himself, forcing him to sacrifice a life to respawn. At the time of the sacrifice, Grover managed to get the second coin. After respawning, Grover had gotten ahold of the third red coin. Mizore got the last red coin before Grover swiped the complete key away from him. However, he didn’t have it long, as Mizore got it back after Grover lost a life which caused him to lose the key.

At the end, Drillimation was thanked for suggesting that level.

GTA SA Wrong Side of the Tracks (ID K1J-C1D-KQF)

All we had to do, was follow the dang train, Mario!

Starting at 40:40, the second and last course by Drillimation was played. This course is an imagining of the notoriously difficult mission from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where CJ and Big Smoke have to chase down Vagos gang members who are on top of a train with a dirt bike. The biggest offender in the mission is the AI. Not only do you have to keep up with the train, you have to evade incoming enemy obstacles. Not to mention Big Smoke not only shoots worse than a stormtrooper, but he yells at you every time you fail.

The Mario Maker version of this mission has you performing the entire mission on foot as there’s no good vehicle to ride in, and your only weapon of choice is a fireball, which you’ll lose if you get struck by a hammer. There’s also a clear requirement where you have to defeat all four Hammer Bros. In addition, the roles of Mario and Luigi were swapped between the two, with Mizore playing Mario and Grover playing Luigi.

The mission had a rocky start, with Mizore having a death and Grover losing the powerup shortly after getting it. Mizore managed to kill three of the four Hammer Bros. After several failed attempts to snipe the last one, Mizore killed the final one with a fireball, effectively finishing the course.

Last thoughts

I’d like to thank them for streaming two of my courses on Twitch as a way to get more of Drillimation’s word out the door. One day I want to see them livestream Chuhou Joutai. Livestreaming is a very good way to help get a game out the door, and Super Indie Games is doing a very good job with requesting keycodes for playtesting and debugging purposes.


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