The Grimoire of Flandre – Properties of the Women

Below is the complete translation of the fourth chapter of The Grimoire of Flandre from Japanese.

God is the creator of heaven and earth, and all of life. Unlike him, I request your favors and demands. Even the orphans care for these rights. You shall not marry until you reach the age of adulthood, but don’t marry just for their property and possessions. You can marry as many girls as you want as long they are legally able to. However, I recommend just one. Once you marry, make sure you give your spouse a gift but it is requested that all brides give up the right to own property to the hands of the groom. Don’t trust your property to those unequipped. Once a girl gives up their property after marriage, I will ask you to account for your new life. It is obligatory to share what your parents and relatives give. Always be kind to provide something to your relatives, the orphans, and the poor if they need something. No person shall ever covet another person’s property, and those who do so will face punishment.

My instructions for having your children inherit your belongings will be shared equally. The husband shall own the location and be in charge of the finances and duties, while the wife take the position of keeping it nice and tidy. If the husband dies, then the widowed wife takes charge of the property. This is a rule set by me and will be admitted to the gardens where the rivers flow, but if you disobey this you will abide in flames.

No unmarried couple shall engage in reproduction, and those who do so will be punished. Repentance is only available to those who committed this sin in ignorance or carelessness and repent. This is accepted after the soul reaches the time of death. There is no repentance to those persisting their sins when they die, even if they are a disbeliever. Their punishment will be painful. A deceased man’s relatives have no right to marry over his widow. Any widow can marry another husband or wife, and treat them kindly even if you dislike anything about them. However, you shall not marry one of your parents. For the people, the following are prohibited in marriage: parents, children, and siblings. Your mother nursed you to ensure you live the best possible life. Anyone who is married is prohibited to you. I can make it easy for you to see the difference between lawful and unlawful acts. I’ll lighten your burden and trust you in mercy. Never consume your spouse’s wealth nor kill each other. Avoid committing grave sins and minor misdeeds will be wiped out from you. Don’t covet what God gives to others but instead ask me for bounty. I will reward you in my deeds. Follow the inheritance laws correctly.

I am in charge of women and those obedient to their husband. If she’s disobedient you have the right to strike her without leaving marks behind. They will face no punishment should they obey, but if the marriage breaks down, get help with arbitration. If you remain together, I can find a way for that to happen. Serve me and do not associate anything with me. Be good to your parents, the needy, and your neighbors near and far. I also don’t like those who spend money to show off, or those who don’t believe and choose another deity as their companion. On the last day, spending in charity will not hurt you. I will not harm anyone who adheres to this book. My deeds are increased. Witnesses will come and those who disbelieve and/or disobey will wish they hadn’t because nothing is hidden from me.

If you believe, no person shall ever consume alcohol to the point of intoxication. Also, avoid praying when you are cursed by impure spirits and taking a complete bath can remove the spirits. If you can’t find water to purify yourself, find clean earth and wipe your hands and face. Those who were misguided should do the same. I know your enemies well, and some take the word out of context. The people should believe in this book, as it will confirm you. I do not forgive those who associate others with me, it is a huge sin. Lying about me is also the same offense. Those attending a Shinto shrine worships an idol. Shrine maidens and kannushis are helpers. If they were given a share of this kingdom, they should not share it. The people envy me and may the mercy and blessings be upon me and my followers for what I given them, but they should remember who I favor in this book. The Netherworld is enough to those who turn away. Disbelievers will be herded there and believers will be led into the gardens where the rivers flow. They will find purified spirits and refreshing shade.

My instructions include returning entrusted objects if you are called to do so. Obey me and those in authority. If there is a dispute, I’ll determine which is the best result. Some claim to become unjust tyrants for judgement. There are hypocrites who will just turn away. If you need to speak to them, instruct them and don’t penetrate their hearts. All messengers must be obeyed. When they are wrong, they should come to you and find my forgiveness. If they don’t they won’t truly believe until you judge their dispute. If they do what they’re instructed, they’ll be rewarded greatly. Whoever obeys me will have their favor bestowed. This is a bounty from me.

Be careful when you go into battle in small groups or large. There are people who will lag behind to avoid battle but if you are successful, they will pretend regret. Those killed or victorious will be rewarded greatly. Fight in my cause and rescue those who cry for my help. Those who believe shall fight for me and those who don’t will become the allies of the enemy. The life in our world is eternal. Death will find you where you are. When the goodness comes to acknowledge me, they suffer evil or loss if they blame me. Remember, God created you and all forms of life. If you obey my doctrines, I will obey your presence but turning your back will make you a keeper. So, trust me and it will be sufficient. If you read this book, it will answer your questions asked to me. If it wasn’t for bounty and mercy, nobody would serve me. So, fight in my cause because you are only responsible for yourself. Urge the believers to fight for my cause to overcome the disbelievers. Whoever speaks a good cause will be rewarded and those who speak a bad one will be burdened. Greetings will be something better. I keep account of every person following me, there’s no deity but me. You must be called to account on the day you are resurrected.

What are you supposed to do about the hypocrites? You cannot guide them. They reject your faith and want you to be like them, so don’t take friends with them unless they convert to Shinto for the sake of Flandre. Kill them if they turn to you aggressively. No believer shall kill other believers. If this is done by mistake, compensation will be offered to you. If the victim is at war with you, compensation can be a charitable act. The punishment for killing a believers will be severe. Don’t kill anyone who greets you with peace, and do not call them a fushinja. Those believers who stay behind aren’t equal to strive to my cause. Strivers are offered a higher rank in a good position for all. When the angels carry the soul of a deceased, the person who wronged themselves must be oppressed. I might pardon them in an all-forgiving manner. If a person who emigrates dies, they are assured a great reward.

When you travel, make sure you can recite prayer in any location that allows it. When in battle, pray in one rank at a time. Lay your arms aside during episodes of heavy rain or illness. Remember, I am always standing, sitting, or lying on your side. Once you are secure, reestablish the prayer. If you are suffering, the enemy is too, but expect my help from me.

This book was given to you by either your parents or me, and may the mercy be upon you so you can judge between people according to my will. I am forgiving and merciful but do not argue for those deceiving themselves. I don’t love the treacherous or sinful. Conceal your true self from others but not from me. If you disobey me you can ask for forgiveness. Those who sin will not only harm themselves, but try to blame others and add slander to their burdens. When people tried to lead me, I save them. They do nothing but lead themselves astray. They could not harm me. I revealed this book and taught them things they might have not known. They talk in secret but nothing good comes from secret talks about charity and reconciliation. If any oppose me they will choose to follow my guidance. I will not forgive anyone who associates anything with me but will forgive any lessor sin. There are some who worship female deities. There is no escape from the Netherworld. Eternal rewards are river gardens through a truthful promise. It will not be according to your desires including the ones listed in this book. Everything in heaven and earth belongs to me.

When we ask you about women, my rulings concerning their rights are listed here. If she fears cruelty or alienation they should seek a peaceful compromise. Be fair in your dealing. Do not ignore one so the other feels they are married or divorced. I have the right to destroy all of mankind and replace it with a new one. The next world will be where I see fit. Believers, stand firmly for justice and witnesses even if it is against you or your relatives. Never follow your personal desires. Confirm your faith in me and all previous chapters. If you believe, try disbelieving as I won’t forgive you or guide you back on the road. Tell the hypocrites that punishment is awaiting them. Do they ally themselves to seek power? All power is with me. If you hear people denying or ridiculing my revelations leave their company until the conversation changes. The Netherworld is where disbelievers will be gathered, and you do not want to be amongst them.

The hypocrites always change sides, trying to appear to be looking after the believers. At the time of prayer and ceremonies at a shrine, they must not be lazy. If they repent, they will be believers and granted mighty rewards. I will not punish the grateful. Also, do not speak evil words unless you are wronged. Don’t taunt those for what they did in the past. I am able to extract retribution and you cannot take some of the guidance except reject others. It will result in a humiliating punishment. Rewards are due to believers and do not make any distinction between others. We ask that you bring this book to heaven after you die. I’ll take a covenant from you and raise you up. Those who reject faith will be punished painfully.

Lastly, I ask you for ruling inheritance of a person with neither descendants or ascendants. A girl can inherit a man’s property, but only after their husband dies. We made this clear to ensure you do not make any mistakes. Remember I know everything.


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