Criminology Lab – Man who derailed oil train and caused fire now in custody

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on this KBN Evening News broadcast on December 30, 2003. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect actual events.

Anchor: Federal investigators in North Horudika today continued to figure out on what caused a freight train full of oil to derail and collide with a bullet train which massively exploded into flames. The evacuation order was lifted this afternoon after the Kozanese Royal Defense Force captured a person who they believe was the “mastermind” behind it. This attack is now raising questions regarding the safety of bullet train passengers in Kozan. Kisumi Torisawa has the details.

Kisumi: The thick fire continued to burn outside the ski resort town of Machijou, North Horudika when a freight train containing oil collided with a passenger bullet train that led to the deaths of at least 21 people and 42 others being wounded. The intense flames is what contributed to the majority of the fatalities. Based on what happened, a witness apparently saw somebody in Crimsonite scrubs running from the scene after the derailment occurred. The attacker in what appeared to be a professional sniper, shot a freight train full of oil travelling westbound. The impact of the gunshot caused the train to derail and collide with the adjacent eastbound-travelling bullet train.

At least 18 people died immediately as a result of the impact. SPASDOT has now claimed responsibility for this operation, calling the sniper, a “servant of the Scarlet Devil.” This is not the first time in 2003 oil trains have been attacked by Crimsonites. Back in July, another militant formerly working for Gyonyoru Foldunk shot an oil train in Romrac, El Kadsre, killing at least 47 people in the ensuing fire. The suspect in yesterday’s attack is now in custody, charged with at least 21 counts of first-degree murder and is also facing charges for providing material support to SPASDOT.

Still, with safety in mind, the Kozanese government is now pressuring to add security to train stations all across Kozan, most likely to prevent a repeat of the attack in Machijou. They will examine the suspect’s background and will interview the train’s crew. If he is convicted, he may end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

Anchor: Kisumi Torisawa in Kozankyo, thank you.


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