Criminology Lab – How big of a threat is Frederic Sam Fawkes?

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on and narrated this report during the KBN Evening News broadcast on July 7, 1999. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: The security threat is growing from the chaos caused by Gyonyoru Foldunk in Sentan. Today, as El Kadsre continues to fight to regain all of Sentan, El Kadsreian president Jacqui Vlokozu said it will be five more weeks before she can attempt to form a new army to fight Foldunk. Their enemy isn’t waiting.

Frederic Sam Fawkes in Kozan announced today on this Tanabata that he is now the “shogun” of a new “shogunate” of the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, which dissolved over a decade ago. He was influenced by Foldunk after they conquered a third of Sentan. His appearance at the Seimori Grand Shrine in Kinmyou of Pohatosin province was very surprising to all attendees there. Before this, we had only seen two still photos of him this year. He called on all Japanese worldwide to swear their allegiance to him. We will now turn to Homeland Security Correspondent Kisumi Torisawa on this. Torisawa, what is it that Fawkes came out of hiding today?

Kisumi: I was told that they’re now dealing with a very sophisticated player here. When he believed he was just the leader of a terrorist organization, he needed to stay hidden and he did. Now they believe he is the head of this brand new “shogunate,” meaning he must play the leader of it and must be seen.

Anchor: The Kozanese Royal Defense Force is now putting a 10 million ingot reward on his hand and he has now threatened retaliation for the death of his wife Hanayo Katsuragi. How great of a threat is he?

Kisumi: I think, like right now, the threat he poses is that a large number of his Crimsonites are foreign fighters. These include Crimsonites who have come from Eastern Asia, and some who have even come from North America. So, the main threat he poses now is the ability to send those operatives back to Eastern Asia and North America to conduct small-scale attacks. Over time as he builds capability, as he has the safe spot, the more time he would have to develop nuclear weapons sourced from North Korea. These nuclear weapons would include short term smaller attacks over the longer, significant attacks.

Anchor: Homeland Security Correspondent Kisumi Torisawa, thank you.


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