Kozankyo – Kozan’s Flagship City

Kozankyo is Kozan’s capital and their flagship city. With a population of 1 million in its urban area and 3 million for its metro, it is the largest city in Kozan. Kozankyo is also a major tourist destination as over four million people visit every year. They call it the Flagship City because it is home to some of the country’s major tourist destinations, including the Hakurei Shrine that Kumiko Uchida and her father work at, which was considered by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. In addition, Kozankyo also hosted the World Cup in 1972. In 2002, they hosted a special commemoration to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of Kozan’s Monarchy. Kozankyo was also the original home of the Kozanese Monarchy before they moved to Horudika Canal in 1867 after the Meiji Restoration.


Kozankyo is located in between Coronary Falls in New Saitama province in the west and Kourindou in Gatashima province to the east. In addition, they are located north of the mountain city of Kinmyou in Pohatoshin province.


Kozankyo is a coastal city where their winters are typically cold, but their summers are hot. It is ranked #6 on the top ten snowiest places in Kozan by the University of Eastern Kozan (located in Kinmyou). Because of its coastal position, its temperatures generally reach 32 degree Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) during the summer and as low as -6 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit) during the winter, and they usually get 250 cm of snow each season.


Kozankyo is home to the Kozanese Broadcasting Network (KBN). It was considered to be one of the first sources of televised news available to people in Kozan. In addition, Kozankyo’s regional newspaper is The Daily Bunbunmaru.


Kozankyo is also the home to the Prime Minister and they reside in a four-story parliament building. Kozankyo also serves the two major political parties of Democratic Party and the Conservative Party.

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