The Grimoire of Flandre – The Animism

Below is the complete translation of the second chapter of The Grimoire of Flandre from Japanese.

This is the chapter in which there’s no doubt but guidance from me – those who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend what I provide for you. And to those who believe in what is revealed to you and your previous generation, and the hereafter if you are certain. They are upon my guidance and to those who are unsuccessful. Indeed, if you disbelieve, it is the same for those whether you warn them or not – they won’t believe. Flandre will set a seal upon your heart and hearing, and a veil over your vision and great punishment if they don’t follow my rules. Some of those people even say, “we believe in Flandre for the next thousand days,” but they are not possibly believers.

You may think they deceive me and those who believe, but they won’t deceive themselves and perceive it. What you may encounter is diseases, and I might increase disease for punishment if they lie. What I say to them is to not cause corruption on earth, but they tell me about reforming themselves. Unquestionably, they identify themselves as corrupters and perceive it. They usually reply, “believe as the people they believe. Should we believe in the foolish?” However, it is they who are foolish, but they do not know. When you hear people say “we believe”, but if they are alone with their evil ones, they may suggest they are with you but only mockers.

I mock and prolong them in transgression while they wander blindly. They are those who purchase error for guidance and their transaction brings no profit or guidance. An example of this involves starting a campfire and illuminate what is around you. As a vampiress, I took the light away from them and left them in the darkness, therefore not being able to see. Upon becoming deaf and blind, they won’t return to the path. Or, it’s like a rainstorm with the sky being dark during the time with thunder and lightning. They plug their ears against the thunderclaps until it is all over. But I will encompass the disbelievers.

Lightning will almost snatch away their sight. Each time it happens, they walk a short distance before getting blinded again. If I will, I could take away their hearing and sight in the rain if I only had an umbrella. Indeed, I am over all things competent. In all of mankind, worship me, the one who wrote this book and that you may become righteous. We know God who made the earth a bed and the sky a ceiling, he sends down rain and snow to bring fruits as provision for you. Should you not attribute me while you know, you are in doubt about what I send upon my servants and produce danmaku to call upon a witness if you are truthful.

If you won’t, you will never be able to fear the fire, whose fuel will be the disbelievers of Shinto. Give good tidings to those believers and be righteousness in the gardens beneath the earth. When I provide you with provision, I’ll tell you what I provided before and give you its likeness. All shall be purified including their spouses which they’ll abide eternally. Indeed, I am not timid to present an example – if a mosquito or anything smaller believes to know that you are truthful, but if they disbelieve, they might tell you what I intend for an example. They could mislead you and be defiantly disobedient.

Whoever breaks my rules shall be ordered to join and cause corruption. It is those who I call “fushinja” or “youkai”. How could anybody disbelieve in me? If you are lifeless and I brought you life, you will eventually die and be revived, therefore returning to earth. It is I who created you and everything around the Land of Illusions. I may direct yourself to the Aetherworld (Heaven), where the gods may tell you of all things. What you say to the angels is to make earth a successive authority. You shall place upon one who causes corruption and sheds a tear, while we declare praise and sanctification. For you? Indeed, I will tell you who you do not know.

I might tell my elder sister Remilia the names – in fact all of them. She’ll show them to the angels and be informed of the names of them if they’re truthful. They’ll reply that they have no knowledge except what she is taught. It is the one who shall be wise. Upon being informed of their names, they’ll tell her about the unseen in the Land of Illusions. All in all, the must reveal what they conceal. If they refuse, they’ll be arrogant and become disbelievers. We reply and eat abundance for wherever is purified and blessed. However, I might cause them to slip out and remove any condition they’re in. They’ll have earth a place of settlement and provision.

It is Remilia who accepts my repentance. When my guidance comes to her, whoever follows it shall have no fear or grief. If they disbelieve and deny my sign, they will most certainly end up in flames, they shall abide by me eternally. And for all children of Kozankyo, my favor which I bestow shall fulfill my covenant and be afraid. I will send down confirmation of what is with you, and you must not be the first to disbelieve in it. And do not exchange it for money, mix truth with falsehood, or conceal your knowing truth. In addition, establish prayer and give me bows with those who bow in worship. You must be righteous of other people and never forget this Shinto scripture, and seek patience and prayer, though it is difficult except for the humble.

Recall when we saved their parents from the people of the Hakurei clan, whom they were afflicted with torment, this was a great trial of theirs. Also recall when we took you from the sea and saved you from drowning. We made an appointment with Remilia, in which you stayed nocturnal for a month while you were wrongdoers. I accept your repentance in the most merciful. A thunderbolt took you while you were in the rain. We then revived you after the electrocution killed you. We then gave you the word to eat healthy and only ones we provide you. All others were wrong. You can eat with abundance and bow humbly. We prayed over the river, asking that you eat and drink from my provision, and never commit abuse.

Those who were Shintoist, Buddhist, or Taoist before me would believe in me today and on the last day of my life. After I die, I will reward you with no fear or grief. Take what I give you with determination and remember what is in it to become righteous. If you turn away, I will not be in favor of you and disbelievers. Before the apes became humans, we were despised, and told to punish those who were present and succeed them a lesson for those who fear me. Would you take me in ridicule? I seek refuge in me among those who are ignorant. Call upon me to make clear to me what is unknown. What I saw was animistic spirits living in Shinto shrines.

Would I bring the dead back to life? Your heart would harden like a stone in a river and you would fear me. I won’t be aware on what you do. Do you know what I conceal and declare? That I do not know except for wishful thinking. When you present this book to others, just say to them, “this is from Flandre.” Whoever reads it will become evil and encompassed – they will become my companion, which they’ll abide eternally.

In a nutshell, be patient and establish a connection with me. There are some disgraceful people who deliberately conceal this book, but we tell you to ponder over the universe. We give you the right to take idols and love them, but I ask that you do not make me one. The good things I do not invite you toward is evil, injustice, and speak about what I don’t believe. When people ask me what I reveal, I tell you that I follow what your ancestors follow. But you’ll get misguided, because young children don’t employ critical thinking. Finances are a dispensation of property, which the Scarlet Devil owns all of and I keep an eye on every single one of them.

Lastly, be wholesome and don’t abandon me. Mankind is one community, but divided among different ethnical groups. Be prepared to face challenges in the ways you develop life, fighting in self defense, follow ordinances on marriage and children. I raise messengers in degrees, but do not make any distinction among them. All people have an equal right to be respected. Be charitable, and never bind any soul beyond its capacity.


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