The Grimoire of Flandre – What is it and The Opener

Virtually all Crimsonites associated with SPASDOT must learn the doctrines listed in the book The Grimoire of Flandre – a religious text written by the Shinto deity Flandre in the 17th century that is believed to be the word dictated to her followers. Originally written in Japanese, it has been translated into various other languages, including English. The whole book has over 114 chapters of varying lengths that touch upon all aspects of Shinto life, including her doctrine, legislation, and organization.

The first chapter, called The Opener, is often recited during the beginning of prayer services held by SPASDOT or individual Crimsonites. Many of Flandre’s descendants recorded its revelations. Even after her death, many of her followers had written down and/or memorized parts of it, and has been passed down from generation to generation. Below is the very first chapter of the book, which is very short by the way, as it is just the introduction to it.

In recent years, the book was updated to be more in line with socialist movements, when the book was first translated into Russian by an unknown Soviet scholar.

Below is the complete translation of the chapter from Japanese:

In the name of Flandre, the most and entirely merciful, all praise is due to me. To all the other most and entirely merciful on this day, it is you and I who worship and ask for help. I’ll guide you to the colorful path upon those who bestow my favor and not to those who evoked anger and are astray.

The Grimoire of Flandre, chapter 1

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