Criminology Lab – What is Fueling Protests in Horudika Canal?

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on September 15, 2002, just two days after the kamikaze bombings in Horudika Canal in Kozan. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

The ongoing protests in Horudika Canal that eventually led to the triple kamikaze bombings was linked to an anti-Shinto film produced in Kozan. King Soujirou of Kozan stated “Kozan would stand fast against attacks” on Kozanese soil and Kozan’s embassies around the world. However, the situation is much more complex than anger over the film. He said there were other factors playing into the violence it ignited, including forces taking advantage of the changing political face of Kozan and divide the move toward a socialist revolution.

The film was to spark peoples’ emotions and take to the streets, carrying peaceful demonstrations with some violent ones here and there. The reason there’s like three or four things happening together, and people should not really try to find one explanation for this. Upon viewing, it triggered peoples’ anger about what’s going on. It’s important for Kozanese to understand that religion in Kozan plays a huge role in peoples’ lives than it does in other countries. For an insult to SPASDOT’s deity Flandre, it is really huge and triggers a reaction. Also, there were reports of SPASDOT’s involvement in the bombings in Horudika Canal, and doing their deed of attacking those who insult Flandre has been their staple for the past quarter of a century.

Now, there are reports of Shinto extremists taking part of wanting to start a second revolution of the Kozanese monarchy. Even demonstrations like these can spill over to its neighboring countries Japan and El Kadsre. The film triggered anger among Japanese and others following the Shinto religion. Because of this, there’s a deep competition going on among political groups in China, Japan, and El Kadsre.


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