Know Thy Enemy – Catamines

The three colors of Catamines

A horde of Catamines appeared? What will you do?

Catamines are the enemy introduced in stage 2 of Chuhou Joutai. Unlike Pacoonbas, they come in three different colors that represent the color spectrum of a computer monitor. Catamines are artificial bots manufactured by SPASDOT, their main command is creeping up and poisoning their victims.


I had no pieces of media where I took inspiration from. This was actually something I drew a couple years ago, and I decided to bring it back as an enemy for the game. Each color drops a different item, with red and blue dropping newtons and green dropping ingots.

What they do

These enemies change direction after firing a ring of danmaku, as they resemble small cylindrical metal bars with round tops. They also do the same after being defeated. Seeing hordes of them in the same color gives you the opportunity to power up your weapon or get more ingots if in case you get KO’d, as you need ingots to revive.


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