The Declaration of the Shogunate: The First Appearance of Frederic Sam Fawkes

When Frederic Sam Fawkes, the leader of the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson, made his first public appearance in 1999, he announced the proclamation of the second SPASDOT shogunate. This speech was given by Fawkes at the Seimori Grand Shrine in Kinmyou, Pohatosin Province, in Eastern Kozan. Below is the transcript of his sermon.

Praise be to Flandre. We thank her and seek her assistance and forgiveness. Flandre, defend us from the evil contained without ourselves and our actions. Whoever is guided by Flandre shall never be misguided, and I bear witness there’s no other deity than Flandre, and that I am her worshipper and messenger. May her peace and blessings be upon her family and companions.

What I want to talk about today is Flandre and the guidance from me, may Flandre’s blessings be upon me and her matters. The most evil are newly-invented objects, innovations, and that all things lost will see life in the afterlife. Reaching the establishment of a new SPASDOT shogunate is a great blessing and grace from Flandre. The beginning of each month gives us mercy, forgiveness, and protection from fire. Whoever is blessed by a shrine maiden will have their faith in consideration and sins forgiven. It’s also a month when the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed. For the next 1,000 days, we shall see no one be barred from goodness.

The new shogunate shall be protected by Flandre at all times, and this is every night after night during the place where the marketplace for danmaku is opened. For me, Flandre’s blessings be upon me and she’ll help me arm the army to fight against the enemy of Flandre and do danmaku against the youkai-borns. And as long as we obey Flandre’s commands, our rewards will be multiplied and let our competitors compete.

Flandre created her original Shintoist Province to have her followers believe and worship her and establish her own sect of Shinto. She indeed ordered us to fight her enemies and open danmaku in her cause to achieve and establish our shogunate. Blessed be her, this goal which Flandre created for us can be achieved by empowering the rules and doctrines listed in the Grimoire of Flandre and be judged by establishing its restrictions through our own power and authority. The Grimoire of Flandre will guide you with a sword that supports our new shogunate. As for your guerrilla drillers, Flandre will bestow you upon your grace of victory and conquest, and after many years of danmaku, the monarch of Kozan, the true enemy of Flandre, will collapse in favor of our socialist regime. We will hasten to declare our shogunate and place in kannushis and shrine maidens – our duty that won’t be lost in the years to come and so many Crimsonites must seek a way to establish ourselves, and all praise is due to Flandre.

I’ve been plagued with responsibility, and it is very heavy. I am your caretaker, though I’m not better than you. If you find me right or wrong to help you, advise me to make all wrong stuff correct in order to obey Flandre. If you disobey her then I will have no obedience in you. As the monarch of Kozan promises their citizens of luxury, security, and relaxation. So if you want mine or Flandre’s promises to be fulfilled, obey her in all matters and situations, and adhere to what you love and hate. To fulfill it, then you must do danmaku in her cause and be patient in this hardship. If you know about her reward and dignities through danmaku, none of you should delay in doing it as this is the way to save our Crimsonites from shame in dignity in both sides.

I say these words to seek forgiveness from you and Flandre, so pray to her if you need her answer to any question you have. Praise be to Flandre, may her blessings be upon when there’s no deity after her, her family, companions, party, and Crimsonites who follow her with benevolence until Judgement Day. There is no deity but Flandre, even if the disbelievers of Shinto hate her. As you establish your cells, she will dignify you in the world and hereafter. She’ll give you all the security, living, and good life as long as you do danmaku in her cause. We ask her, the great Scarlet Devil to unify her word and reform our relationship together, and guide us to what she loves and approves.

Flandre, dignify SPASDOT and the Crimsonites by humiliating the monarch of Kozan, and dignify our guerrillas all over the world. Make their foothold firm and bind their hearts in support and assistance. Make our aim perfect and opinions true. Prepare for the guidance for assisting reinforcement. Make our hearts steadfast on our shogunate and purify them with hypocrisy. We ask you for honest faith and accepted work. We also ask you make our gathering her merciful and protected. My last supplications is all our praise is due to Flandre, and may her blessings be upon us and all our Crimsonites.


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