Inside the SPASDOT propaganda machine – how their recruiting is effective.

One of SPASDOT’s many propaganda posters, encouraging recruitment.

One of the craziest things about SPASDOT is how many recruits they’ve managed to gather around the world. Approximately 20,000 Crimsonites from around the world have come to fight with the brutal terrorist group SPASDOT. Why would anybody give up their life to join a brutal, vicious militant group? They’re fighting on all sides and in the long run, a really long shot of holding onto the territory they control in Kozan.

This is a critically important question because these foreign Crimsonites are a major source of SPASDOT’s strength. According to Kisumi Torisawa, many of the people who come have not had a sense of purpose, dignity, or respect, but there’s something to do about it. A life project in which they have.

One of the things that makes SPASDOT unique from others is their sophisticated degree of social media operations. They’ve invested a lot of effort in developing slick social media presentations including sophisticated videos, narratives, high-production values, and even full-length documentaries. According to Torisawa, they’re clearly focused on the glory of the battle of what the shogunate accomplishes. They are very inspirational for these young men and women, many of whom have not had a sense of purpose in their life. They haven’t had any means to earn any living, get married, or do the things that they feel can bring them into adult life as an opportunity to prove themselves as young men or women.

SPASDOT’s videos portray their Crimsonites as saviors or heroes as people resist evil and violent regime that praise Crimsonites specifically. That way, they motivate people who might want to join SPASDOT by travelling around the world and fight for what they perceive as justice. That violent, brutal, terror group ends up being excused for being the good guys. This isn’t a small problem, SPASDOT recruits tens of thousands of people. This has made their military empire stronger, and likely because these foreign Crimsonites have so much conviction. They’re also more radical and more dangerous for the people that live in Kozan. This is a serious problem, and nobody really knows on how to solve it.


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