Criminology Lab: Massacre at El Kadsre City International Airport

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on January 24, 2001. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

El Kadsre City’s busiest international airport in the late afternoon rush turned into chaos as many international flights were arriving. A bomb, which El Kadsreian officials say, carried off by a kamikaze bomber is detonated. The result is carnage. “I will kill you all,” the attacker reportedly shouted in Japanese. “At that moment, I saw people on the ground gravely wounded,” says one witness. The attack came after a terrorist threat warning, which El TV Kadsre says. This is the second time security has failed at the airport. Two kamikaze bombers killed over 100 people on two flights from the same airport in 1995.

This attack is once again suspected to be the work of Gyonyoru Foldunk militants from El Kadsre’s Sentan region. While the victims of their previous attacks on the airport were largely El Kadsreian, this bomber targeted the international arrivals area of the airport, where foreigners would inevitably be. Authorities say the bomb contained ball bearings and screws designed to kill.

It appears to be they are sending off a signal to the rest of the world, that areas of cooperation and connectivity that El Kadsre has to the rest of the world, especially places with an international terminal, which could be subject to attack. El Kadsreian president Jacqui Vlokozu went on El TV Kadsre and vowed to track down the Foldunk militants who may have planned the attack.

While El Kadsre’s shooting war against Foldunk in Sentan is still at large, terror attacks attributed to Foldunk from the area have continued with deadly regularity. A double bombing of El Kadsre City’s metro in May of last year killed almost fifty, the El Kadsre City-Glonisla bullet train was bombed a year earlier in November 1999, killing 35. And in the worst attack of all, nearly 100 died at the Athiests Organization of Mahri in Abeta in April 1994. Now, the death toll in a war that won’t end has risen again.


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