The Western Kozan Offensive: The SPASDOT Uprising That Began the Kozanese Civil War

This is the first post since the last Criminology Lab. So now, you can learn on the background on the Kozanese Civil War. The period of insurgency began on September 13, 2002, just two days after the first anniversary of 9/11, when the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson aligned their forces with militants from the former terrorist group Gyonyoru Foldunk (Hungarian for “our beautiful earth”), and began an offensive in a second attempt to overthrow the Monarchy of Kozan.

The offensive was in response to an anti-Shinto documentary film that critically attacked SPASDOT in particular, to which Crimsonite protestors took to the streets and demanded people cease showing the film.

But what is Gyonyoru Foldunk? Often shortened to Foldunk or GF in the media, they were a militia group that was based in El Kadsre’s Sentan region, located northeast of the El Kadsreian mainland. They formed in the summer of 1991 and dissolved in the summer of 2002. After its dissolution, many of its former members went on to join SPASDOT, where they secretly built several strongholds in Western Kozan. They had claimed responsibility for several deadly terrorist attacks in the region, including bombing two flights departing from El Kadsre City International Airport in 1994, the El Kadsre City-Glonisla train in 1999, and a double bombing of the El Kadsre City metro in 2000.

In the offensive, SPASDOT and its former Foldunk forces began to capture areas of rural Western Kozan, beginning with the South Horudika Canal kamikaze attacks in September 2002, followed by the truck attack in Dockery Bay and lastly the siege on Rockton.

The First Attack – South Horudika Canal

On September 22, 2002, a triple kamikaze bombing at protests over an anti-Shinto documentary film led to 17 deaths and 59 wounded. The attacks happened in the southern part of Horudika Canal, the city where the Kozanese Royal Family generally lives, and it’s a major tourist destination. This was the attack that began the offensive.

The Second Attack – Dockery Bay

On November 11, 2002, another kamikaze bomber drove a vehicle full of explosives into a crowd of people before detonating it at a rally being held by King Soujirou and the prime minster. The bomber killed 29 people and wounded 87 others. This attack took place in Dockery Bay located in Kyoushin province, and is the second largest city in Kozan behind Kozankyo. By the end of this attack, Kozan had declared a state of emergency, many Crimsonites boycotted King Soujirou’s actions because they opposed the parliament’s decision on expanding both the monarch’s and prime minister’s powers.

The Final Attack – Rockton

On December 21, 2002, in the final attack, SPASDOT put Rockton in Daiyashin province under siege that night, ramming vehicles and opening fire at pedestrians in a Grand Theft Auto-styled plot in Rockton’s busiest shopping district, took hostages at Rockton International Airport, and a kamikaze bombing at the King Kenjirou Mausoleum during a Shinto ceremony.

As a result of the offensive, war was declared shortly after the Rockton attacks, therefore leading to the Kozanese Civil War. Three years before the war began, SPASDOT announced that they would be proclaiming themselves as “shogunate” again. They called upon all ethnic Japanese around the world to pledge allegiance to Frederic Sam Fawkes, the group’s leader.


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