Criminology Lab: SPASDOT Claims Responsibility for Rockton attacks, Kozan Declares War

Kisumi Torisawa was interviewed in this report during the KBN This Morning broadcast on December 22, 2002, the day after the SPASDOT attacks in Rockton of Daiyashin Province. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: Welcome back to KBN This Morning, there you see some new video this morning from Rockton, showing people getting out of Rockton International Airport where there had been a hostage situation. This was one of three sites attacked in Rockton last night, and here is that explosion from the King Kenjirou Mausoleum. We’re now seeing reports that the death toll is now up to nearly 80 people, and we’re hearing that more than 100 are wounded in the third major terrorist attack in Kozan this year. SPASDOT has now claimed responsibility, we’re learning that an El Kadsreian passport was found on one of the six attackers, and this is the third major attack SPASDOT claimed responsibility for over the past couple of weeks. And we’re now learning that SPASDOT’s antics are now the start of a full-blown civil war being declared by King Soujirou. Here’s Homeland Security Correspondent Kisumi Torisawa in Rockton on a special edition of KBN This Morning.

Kisumi: Yeah. Very terrifying images last night. We’re also learning that foreigners were in fact injured, the hospital behind me is full of attack victims. Behind me is Rockton International Airport where there was reportedly a hostage situation when those Crimsonites stormed it. They were apparently armed with kamikaze vests, AK-47s, and grenades, attacking three separate locations in a series of perfectly-coordinated attacks, one of them was at the King Kenjirou Mausoleum. The other was at a very busy shopping district where people were hanging out, chatting, and eating dinner.

It was a really horrifying experience, there is still dried remains on the streets in memorials set up. The Kozanese Royal Defense Force is currently trying to hunt down those responsible, one of them was arrested this morning at Rockton International Airport and the other apparently left Daiyashin Province. They have sent out 1,500 additional soldiers from the KRDF to find those two suspects. The country has now declared a state of emergency and asked people in Rockton to not go to work or be out in the streets, as shops and businesses are closed for today, but many of those people are reportedly flocking to shrines, churches, and temples for morning services to pray for the victims.

Anchor: Kisumi, thank you. The search for those two remaining attackers is at large in Western Kozan, as they’re connected to SPASDOT, who claimed responsibility for the attacks, and statements of responsibility were issued in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Russian over the past few hours. Their social media propaganda is going full esteem, and on LifeConnect, the tag #KozanIsBurning is now trending.


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