Criminology Lab: KBN Special Report on December 21, 2002 attacks in Rockton in Daiyashin Province

Kisumi Torisawa was interviewed in this report during a KBN Special Report broadcast on December 21, 2002 during the SPASDOT attacks in Rockton of Daiyashin Province. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: We are cutting current programming on KBN for the night for a Special Report, as Rockton in Daiyashin Province, at this minute, is apparently under siege. The city was apparently hit by multiple coordinated terrorist attacks which are still unfolding. Authorities have confirmed that approximately 50 are dead. The situation is chaotic and is the death toll is certain to climb. Many more are wounded and there are reports of hostages. The Kozanese Royal Defense Force is striking back and Kozan has closed its borders. Minutes ago, King Soujirou called the attacks, “an assault on humanity.”

There were at least three simultaneous attacks at entertainment sites in Rockton at approximately 6:30 PM Western Kozan Standard Time on this busy Saturday night. They include an explosion at the Mausoleum for King Kenjirou which was filled with nearly 800 worshippers at a Shinto ceremony. People crowded the mausoleum after the ceremony. The king was at the ceremony at the time of the attack, but he was not hurt and safely evacuated, and is now holding an emergency cabinet meeting.

There was chaos as a few of the gunmen opened fire in Rockton’s busiest shopping district, and terrorists apparently stormed Rockton’s local airport, with authorities saying more than 100 hostages may have been taken there. KBN Homeland Security Correspondant Kisumi Torisawa is in Rockton at this hour. Kisumi, can you tell us what is going on at this hour?

Kisumi: Well, KRDF officers are searching for two of the men whom they say were involved in the attacks. At the King Kenjirou Mausoleum, witnesses apparently heard a loud explosion during the ceremony, and we’re now hearing reports of a kamikaze bomber detonating themselves at that shrine. The king was safely evacuated. At the same time, shots were fired in Rockton’s busiest shopping district. Terrified shoppers fled the scene. Not far away at Rockton International Airport, a hostage situation is still underway.

The king and prime minister have spoken to the nation, and they are declaring a state of emergency across Kozan, and the KRDF has been put in charge of the investigation and they are taking the attacks very seriously.

Anchor: And tell us how you managed to get inside Rockton.

Kisumi: Well, we arrived just yesterday night after flying from Kozankyo. And today was also my eldest daughter’s 13th birthday, which is now apparently ruined thanks to this. And weekends is when Rockton is crowded, as the King Kenjirou Mausoleum is a major tourist attraction in the country, it’s also known for its famed theatres and nightclubs that people often go to during this time. But as of now, they have closed the highways leading into the city, and they have also shut down their metro too.

Anchor: Kisumi Torisawa reporting for us from Rockton, thank you.


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