Criminology Lab: Susumu Takajima’s family shocked by SPASDOT plot arrest

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on March 19, 2003. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s report on the SPASDOT arrest in Kozankyo. Three teenagers were arrested yesterday morning at school. Today, I learned they will be in federal court on Thursday. I also spoke to the family of one suspect Susumu Takajima. He was living in a middle-class neighborhood not far from Kozankyo University. His parents, Hiroshi and Miyuki Takajima, had no idea their youngest son was working to become a terrorist.

Takajima was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States and came to Kozan when he was just five. This means he holds dual citizenship in the United States and Kozan. When I knocked on their door, his mother answered:

Torisawa: Did you hear of your son Susumu Takajima wanting to join SPASDOT?

Takajima: Yes we did, and it was shocking to both of us.

Miyuki Takajima had detailed knowledge of this, but the FBI and Kozanese Royal Defense Force said for roughly nine months, the three teens aged 13 – 15 were allegedly discussing joining SPASDOT. According to the criminal complaint, all three pledged their allegiance to SPASDOT in videos they recorded themselves. During an undercover FBI meeting in January 2003, Susumu Takajima told an informant that if he couldn’t make it into SPASDOT, he would steal his parents’ car and run down non-believers of Shinto, like what happened during the Rockton siege, the battle that started the entire Kozanese Civil War.

“It was crazy”, said one of their next-door neighbors. They had no idea that this potential danger was so close to them. He always keeps an eye on their neighborhood, but this terrorist activity was online. Thankfully, the KRDF and FBI found it. Takajima was the first to be arrested, while Hoshikawa and Kagemoto were arrested a few hours apart.


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