Criminology Lab: KBN Report on March 18, 2003 arrest on SPASDOT support

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on and narrated this report during the KBN Evening News broadcast on March 18, 2003. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: Tonight, a trio of suspected terrorists in Kozankyo allegedly attempting to join the terrorist group SPASDOT were arrested this morning by the FBI. Luckily, the FBI and KRDF were able to stop them before anyone was hurt. Kisumi Torisawa has the details on how this all unfolded.

Torisawa: The FBI and KRDF were working on this case over a nine-month investigation. In order for them to catch these three Kozankyo teenagers, an FBI agent went undercover as a SPASDOT recruiter on LifeConnect. The FBI said these three teens here in Kozankyo are now locked up in juvenile detention, facing charges for attempting to enlist with the terrorist group SPASDOT.

The three teens were identified as 15-year-old Ken’ichi Hoshikawa, 14-year-old Seiichi Kagemoto, and 13-year-old Susumu Takajima, Takajima is a naturalized Kozanese citizen born in the United States, and the three were allegedly discussing allegiance in online videos on VidSpace that got the attention of FBI undercover agents.

Lawyer: We’ve seen people who are lonely and are looking for belonging to something, these individuals wanted to belong to a group they find, and fight in Kozan’s Civil War.

Torisawa: Within the criminal complaint, the feds say Takajima purchased a ticket to travel from Kozankyo to Kedopolis in Kedo Province, in order to get into a SPASDOT terror cell and fight alongside them, with help from his co-conspirators. They also discussed killing non-believers of Shinto, including youkai-borns. One quote by him reads, “I love it man, he waterboarded him. That dude while he was burning, that was funny man.” Another quote reads, “You have already spoke the truth, just wait for the opportunity. It will present itself if we are truthful, but it will require some type of sacrifice.” Another by Takajima says, “I was supporting SPASDOT in my family before anyone else did. I want to kill fushinja someday,” the Japanese word for non-believers.

Lawyer: If they indeed joined and met up with SPASDOT, they would definitely be on the battlefield against our military folks.

Torisawa: Also mentioned in the complaint, Takajima had a backup plan to use a vehicle to run down non-believers in Kozankyo if joining didn’t work. Since the FBI and KRDF’s investigation began, the defendants’ VidSpace accounts were shut down.

Lawyer: I think SPASDOT might utilize LifeConnect and VidSpace to spread their word. We see in the complaint that people are susceptible to their entreaties by recording oaths of allegiance and transmit them through both sites.

Torisawa: We learned that these three will remain behind bars pending trial, if convicted they could see up to 20 years in prison.

Anchor: Homeland Security Correspondant Kisumi Torisawa, thank you.


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