Criminology Lab: Teens Planning to Join SPASDOT Arrested at School

Kisumi Torisawa wrote this report on March 18, 2003. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Three Kozankyo teenagers, one of whom is an American citizen, are facing prison after federal authorities said they allegedly plotted to join SPASDOT in order to kill non-believers here in Kozan. It was a sting carried out by the Kozanese Royal Defense Force and it ended with them getting arrested at school.

This alleged plot was through a series of VidSpace videos and LifeConnect (often abbreviated as LifeCo) posts, where the three boys looked to join SPASDOT and fight in the ongoing civil war. But if they couldn’t they were ready to commit acts of terror right here at home. This was an investigation that began last summer before the war began in July 2002, when the FBI caught the attention of the LifeCo account of 15-year-old Kenichi Hoshikawa in Kozankyo. The page was public, according to their attorney, and contained pro-SPASDOT propaganda.

The following month, an FBI employee posed as a SPASDOT Crimsonite, and in a series of back-and-forths, Hoshikawa revealed he wanted to join SPASDOT and “die with a bullet” in his head, fighting for the Scarlet Devil. Over the summer, Hoshikawa began communicating with 14-year-old Seiichi Kagemoto, about their shared desire to become Crimsonites. FBI informants showed how the two enjoyed videos of SPASDOT burning people, with Hoshikawa allegedly writing “that dude while he was burning, that was funny dude.”

In January of 2003, 13-year-old Susumu Takajima was brought into the circle, and by February, the three were allegedly talking about killing non-believers. The youngest of the three said if they could not make it into SPASDOT, his back-up plan was to steal his parents’ car, and copy one of the methods used by one of the attackers in the Rockton siege, where he would drive their car into a crowd of people in Kozankyo. “I’m ready to meet Flandre,” says Takajima according to the FBI. February was spent with Takajima practicing the SPASDOT oath of allegiance, and gathering funds for a flight to Kedopolis, Kedo Province, which was held by FBI undercover agents, watching their every move.

This morning, Takajima was arrested at school, which the others were arrested a few hours apart. They are currently being held at the Kozankyo Provincial Juvenile Detention Center. These three are charged with conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization, punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison. What was done in this case was carried out for free thanks to wartime ongoing.

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