Monthly Updates: February 2020

Hi, this is the Prophet Driller from Drillimation Systems.

I can’t believe it’s February now. Man, time just flies by so fast! A huge number of things happened over the month, so I will list them here.

Drillipedia is open for business!

Click the image or here to access Drillipedia.

It’s been a month and a half since we parted ways from the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki. In order for me to stay within the wiki field, we have struck a deal with Gamepedia to create an official wiki for Chuhou Joutai. The site launched on Monday, January 27, an I am of course, one of the administrators there. Note that this wiki is unique from others as the site will be written in a mix of in-universe and guidebook perspectives. We want you to contribute to it*, so jump in today!

*Twitch account required to sign up with Gamepedia.

Play the very first Touhou Project game, Highly Responsive to Prayers!

We challenged ourselves to make a game in an entire month. And so, we made this one. Since I am very fond of the franchise that influenced Chuhou Joutai, I felt we should remake the original games in between so players could have the opportunity to play the source games of Chuhou Joutai. And so, this “demake” of the first Touhou Project game, The Highly Responsive to Prayers, is now playable on Windows! No need to go through the hassle of configuring Anex86 or Neko Project to play.

I felt very nostalgic with this game, as this marked the first time I played Highly Responsive to Prayers in like years. Best of all, in accordance with ZUN’s Game Content Usage Rules, it’s free.

What’s going to be going on this February?

I am now going to get back into working on Chuhou Joutai on a new, secret stage. I hope to get the game on Steam by April. I want to get this “extra” stage done by the end of February, and a new feature by the end of March.

In order to expand the Chuhou Joutai universe even more, I am now doing a new series of posts titled Kisumi Torisawa’s Criminology Lab. These will be posts written in Kisumi Torisawa’s perspective on the activities associated with SPASDOT, as well as topics on various Crimsonites.

We hope you have a great February.


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