Touhou Kourinden as a Whole Nearing Completion

Nearly a year after Touhou Kourinden ~ Mythos of Phantasmagoria began development in June 2022, the game is almost getting close to entering its beta stages of development. Drillimation will still be releasing the game as early as next spring.

Whitethorn Digital will be selected to publish the game on PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as handling all marketing. Drillimation will also release the soundtrack featuring the arrangements from Chuhou Joutai and Touhou Project that are used in the game through their in-house record label Drillimation Records.

After Mythos of Phantasmagoria enters its post-production phase, Drillimation will begin work on another Steam project that is due for release this holiday season which is currently in pre-production, and is currently writing the script for a possible sequel to Mythos of Phantasmagoria.

Unlike other Touhou Project fangames for consoles and as with Drillimation’s previous games, Mythos of Phantasmagoria will target a younger audience. Even though the Touhou Project series is popular with otaku, its popularity has risen among teenagers and younger children in recent years.

Mythos of Phantasmagoria is intended to soothe players intimidated by the danmaku genre. Although it does require a bit of finger speed for the game’s quick-time events for pulling off attacks and evading the danmaku, Mythos of Phantasmagoria will challenge players’ mindsets and assumptions by making use of and/or developing deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Drillimation is hoping to release a playable demo of Mythos of Phantasmagoria next month to collect feedback and to ensure the game fits within the philosophy of low stress and easy accessibility.


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