Studio Emiko to Possibly Return to Game Development With New Title

On Sunday, April 2, 2023, Studio Emiko announced that they may have gotten the opportunity to return to game development with a new Touhou Project fangame.

This new title will be a visual novel RPG hybrid, and will be made using Ren’Py. The RPG elements will be powered by NomnomNami’s Syrup Lite RPG Framework.

Studio Emiko doesn’t have any experience with visual novel backgrounds, meaning some pre-made and possibly royalty-free, background images may have to be used, despite having a negative reputation and would be considered asset flipping.

There is no information on when this game will start development because of Studio Emiko’s other projects at the moment. Pre-production on this title is expected to take a very long time, and won’t possibly enter the development phase until at least 2029.

The Studio Emiko Touhou Project fangame that Drillimation Systems will co-develop will continue as planned, with development not beginning until at least the second half of 2023.


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