How the Kirisame Dynasty Expanded During the 18th Century

A lot of people in Kozan today may be related to Queen Marisa, the founder of the Federal Kingdom of Kozan. During the course of Marisa’s reign, and her successor King Kichou, they both decided to find ways to expand their influence, and one of them was to place her descendants into royal families across the Gensokyo continent, and in doing so led them into creating one of the most powerful dynasties on the continent.

After the Scarlet Devil War concluded in 1716 which killed over a million, major dynasties in on the continent came together with hopes of reshaping political power at an equal level. As the 18th century progressed, the Federal Kingdom of Kozan became much more powerful and eventually the top powerhouse on the continent. After then Crown Prince Kichou married Miho Fujiwara in 1721, the couple had two children within the coming years: the future Queen Ayumi and Princess Saori. The couple needed a way to maintain their political power by marrying their youngest daughter Saori into another royal family on the continent.

Princess Saori married the Crown Prince Rai of the Aetherworld. His younger brother, Prince Sanba, married Princess Ayumi. Within the coming decades, at least five other people, all of whom from other dynasties within the continent, married Aetherworld royalty. King Kichou’s granddaughter Princess Mirai married Prince Tadasu from the Houraisan dynasty whose sister, Miwa, was the Crown Princess of the People’s Kingdom of Central Kozan.

In the early 19th century things started when Prince Yoshiki wanted to marry a princess from the Yakumo dynasty. Starting in the late 18th century, the relationship between the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan and Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan started to falter. Western Kozan was more authoritarian while Eastern Kozan was a free democratic society. They were both competitive for territory. As a result this marriage did not happen and Yoshiki ended up uplifting a peasant girl from Kozankyo as a result.

Prior to the reunification in 1867, Western Kozan was losing its grip on power prior to the Americans forcing Japan to open themselves up to the world in 1853. Members of the Yakumo dynasty were being hunted by spies, and in 1846, Western Kozan’s ruler was assassinated by a member of the Kirisame dynasty.

After the reunification, the Kirisame dynasty disallowed anyone outside the continent to marry into the royal family as Japan began doing something that would mark their infamy: expanding by committing horrific atrocities across Asia. They did not invade Kozan but the Kirisame dynasty held a solid relationship between Japan’s emperor.

After World War II, the Kirisame dynasty began growing more people friendly, including within Japan. The Kirisame dynasty began looking for ways to become more accessible for everyone. This not only modernized royal traditions in Kozan, but changed their face forever.


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