How 165 Years of Divided Rule on the Gensokyo Continent Shaped Kozan

If you step into Gensokyo (the one featured in the Drillimation Danmaku Universe to be exact) from the western tip of the continent, you may think you’re in Japan, but in reality, you’ll feel like you’re in North America.

At the turn of the 18th century, two new countries on the continent emerged: democratic Eastern Kozan and Tokugawa-controlled communist Western Kozan. The Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan prospered as a free industrial society and would go on to become a world powerhouse.

The Kozanese Continent has been a peculiar place. It was divided until the Meiji Restoration in 1867. During that time, both countries have taken in a lot of western influence while keeping traditional Japanese customs. Because of this, North American culture has become so visible.

Eastern Kozan brought in good administration through each monarch’s reign, bringing in a gracious philosophy of living. During the reign of Queen Marisa, she needed to find ways to bring the two countries closer through dialogue and deals. Western Kozan had all sorts of stuff that Eastern Kozan wanted, such as porcelain, silk, and of course, tea. They struck a deal: Eastern Kozan could provide goods such as iron and gold while Western Kozan traded in their porcelain and silk.

This deal lasted for decades until 1769 when a shortage of iron and gold nearly caused Eastern Kozan to collapse. Almost midway through King Kichou’s reign, Western Kozan was demanding more iron which the king was unable to supply due to the shortage. They struck another deal of supplying copper goods instead until Eastern Kozan’s miners were able to get more iron and gold. Meanwhile, Western Kozan had their fair share of gold reserves, so they were able to supply Eastern Kozan with the gold they had as well.

Eastern Kozan was able to recover within a couple of years and get back on the road. But then, in 1867, the Meiji Restoration happened. Western Kozan folded into Eastern Kozan and became the unified Federal Kingdom of Kozan. The reigning Yakumo Dynasty of Western Kozan became a non-reigning dynasty within the newly unified Kozan.


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