February 2023 Monthly Digest

February is supposed to be the month of love, as illustrated in the image of Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai above.

Key Developments Over the Last Month

  • January marked the beginning of a new era at Drillimation with the adoption of our new logo.
  • The internet at the Drillimation studio was upgraded in order to keep in line with current internet connections of 2023. Same thing went with the phone of the Prophet.
  • Development of Touhou Kourinden’s third act was completed, and the fourth act is halfway done.

Statistics on Social Media Platforms


  • The number of followers increased by 73 for a total of 5,435 followers.
  • The tweets of Drillimation were viewed over 25,000 times over that month.


  • The number of followers increased by 40 for a total of 2,644 followers.
  • The posts of Drillimation were viewed over 9,000 times over that month.


  • Video content was viewed over 2,000 times.
  • Subscribers stayed the same at the start of the month.


  • Viewers tuning in to watch Super Mario Maker 2 livestreams only consisted of one to two people joining, with occasional chatters reaching three at times. Nearly two dozen people have watched the streams live.
  • Follows increased by two.

Future Goals

Drillimation Systems aims to finish the fourth act of Kourinden by the end of this month. Nothing major is expected to happen this month as we approach the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but for our Southern Hemisphere fans, summer is apparently starting to come to an end and many of you there will be going back to school with the start of a brand new school year for you.


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