Wi-Fi Card in Drillimation Workstation Upgraded, Internet Experience Much Faster

For the first time since the workstation that has been used to develop every game since the Touhou 2: The Story of Eastern Wonderland NES Demake has been built, an upgrade in the PCI slot upgraded the internet to a much faster, quicker experience.

The old Wi-Fi card that was used for the past two years was USB-based. It required one USB Port to use, making plugging in other stuff a hassle. This was especially true when the Prophet got his capture card for the purpose of livestreaming Super Mario Maker 2 courses in November 2021. This led to long startups and such until the MacBook was acquired in May of the following year.

The USB Wi-Fi card also had issues with internet connectivity, resulting in the “Problem with wireless adaptor or access point” error. With the installation of the PCI card, that error has gone away for the most part. This means the Prophet is back to the days of when he was using his old laptop where the first Chuhou Joutai and Touhou Project NES demake was made where he could easily get online.

The decision to get the Wi-Fi PCI card was due to the installation of a new router and modem from Spectrum after periodical outages that lasted over the past few months. The old USB Wi-Fi card could still connect, but they were not compatible. As of now, the Prophet is now able to get the job done faster and quicker.


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