Drillimation Makes the Touhou 1: The Highly Responsive to Prayers NES Demake Open Source

On Friday, January 20, 2023, Drillimation made the source code for the Touhou 1: The Highly Responsive to Prayers NES Demake open source, meaning anyone is free to adapt the source code of the demake in any way they please, such as improving the demake or using it as a basis for their own games in that style. This release comes one week after Drillimation pulled the plug for technical support for the first two games Drillimation developed, including the demake.

The demake originally released on January 31, 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic held its grip on the world. It has become the most played game in Drillimation’s history, with over 1,700 downloads. The success of that game led to the other games in the PC-98 collection being ‘demaked’ in the style of NES games.

The source code is available here on GitHub.


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