The Problems With Living in the Great Lakes Region in the Winter

If you want to be a snow queen like Chuhou Joutai‘s Saori Takarazawa, you wouldn’t want to dress like that and go run around in the snow while it’s -18 degrees Celsius! See anything wrong? Her shoulders are exposed, meaning not everything is covered up.

Let’s face it. The winters of the Great Lakes region of the United States are described in two words: long and cold. Why is that? Well, I’m no expert on climatology, but the climates in the area range from having a humid subtropical (Cfa) to hot summer humid continental (Dfa). These lakes also create the Snowbelt region, as heavy snowfall caused by evaporated lake water is common. I can explain to you on this Christmas day why lake-effect snow is a problem.

This is called lake effect – when the colder air moves over warmer water to take up moisture and convert it into snow as the air moves over the land and cools down. Additionally, snowsqualls and persistently cloudy skies are common for the duration of colder air temperatures, unless the lake freezes over.

These are responsible for heavy snowfall, and can sometimes become entire blizzards. Buffalo, NY was hit hard by a blizzard that dumped over 150cm of snow on the opening weekend of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The absolute worst blizzard to hit the area was in December 2001, when 209 cm of snow fell over the span of four days.

It’s no doubt that climate change is making these disasters more and more common, and more costly as well. You may have seen James Rolfe’s YKWBS rant on snow, where it’s all about having to shovel driveways, reschedule appointments, and prevent yourself from getting killed.

On a positive note, the Snowbelt region is also a popular location for the skiing industry. The winter season can generate peak revenue for that industry. One notable example is the Peek’n Peak resort, which I visited in February 2020 before the coronavirus incident took its grip the following month. That area served as the basis for the extra stage in Chuhou Joutai 3: Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess.

For those not living in the region, how would you feel if you lived here?

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