Why I Hated Living at the Dorms at School

This article revolves around the Prophet’s experience of living at the dorms for the three years he was in school before dropping out to finish Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!. Simply put, they were a bad experience.

It’s been one and a half years since I left college to pursue my dream job of being a solo developer. It’s no doubt that I have developed and released eight games, all of which are danmaku games of some sort. You can basically call me the American ZUN if you wish.

But during the time I was in university, I had a unique dorm room experience than any other. I was thrilled to be living in an apartment. For the spring semester of the three years I was in, I had a solo dorm. I needed one because I needed solidarity. Throughout those three years, a number of projects were developed. This included the first two Chuhou Joutai games, as well as the first two Touhou Project NES Demakes.

Problems with the Apartment I was In

The apartment I was in was described as horrible and uncomfortable. I have compiled a number of problems listed in Google Maps reviews of the location, as well as my own experience:

  • Paint jobs are very crappy and sloppy, anyone who painted these walls (Braendel Services, anyone?) ended up getting smears of paint on baseboards, doors, countertops, windows (and its frames), and all trim work.
  • Electrical outlets shake when you plug or unplug something, and some of them are upside down.
  • Lack of lighting. The living room space only has one light, placed directly above the front door.
  • Kitchen floors are moldy and have permanent rust stains.
  • Plumbing is also bad. Leaks from the third floor can fall into the first floor.
  • Window blinds are installed onto the drywall without any anchors, causing them to dangle as if they’re about ready to fall. The window glass is also foggy, and window cranks do not function as expected.
  • Lack of air-conditioning, causing them to get extremely hot during the summer.
  • Barely any insulation. Neighbors can go up to eleven and prevent you from sleeping at night thanks to partying.
  • The shower water is extremely hot that it will burn your flesh off.
  • Roommates often use the sink as a trashcan, often leading to bug infestations. That happened in my second year. Staff did too little to address this problem.


The buildings I was in were apparently built in the 1970s and it’s clear that nothing was updated or renovated. Did you have a bad college apartment experience like I did? Drop it in the comments!


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