Drillimation Systems Statement on Kiwi Farms Shutdown

Beware if you ever had an internet presence, your personal information may have ended up in the hands of the alt-right and neo-Nazis. On September 3, 2022, Cloudflare pulled the plug on Kiwi Farms indirectly after they informed them they had violated their terms of service, following threats they made to a Canadian streamer.

For those unaware, KiwiFarms was initially launched as a forum to troll a transgender comic artist in 2007. It eventually became dedicated to the discussion of the laughing stock of the internet which they referred to as LolCows in 2013. The site ended up becoming a gathering place for white supremacists and neo-Nazis, and apparently billed itself as a haven for free speech. Frequent targets included the transgender community, alongside ethnic minorities. Many rants that its users made were often racist or antisemitic.

The site’s owners were also figures in an anti-copyright movement in a similar fashion to the Pirate Bay. Like the Pirate Bay, any time they got a DMCA complaint, they would post the complaint in full on the site, and refuse to remove the infringing material. Those who tried to fight also ended up facing death threats.

The site faced several domain name shutdowns and seizures, and would simply switch to a series of new URLs to continue operating. Although it took several years of throwing abuse reports at Cloudflare in an attempt to silence its hate-filled community, we at Drillimation Systems praise the heroic actions that Cloudflare took in order to keep the transgender community safe. All we need to do is hope for Google to filter out all links to the site from Google Search, and for the Southern Poverty Law Center to designate the site as a hate group.

Drillimation Systems is respectful of all diverse ethnic cultures and religious beliefs, and we aim to tell all of our stories transparently while reflecting inspirational and aspirational themes.

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