Twitter Creators Still Complaining of Bilibili Comics Links Overrunning Their Timelines or Hashtags

As Drillimation first reported back in June, users were reportedly using the Bilibili Comics app’s share function to post links to Bilibili Comics content in unrelated hashtags picked by the app, which had an easy workaround. The Twitter timelines and custom hashtags of content creators, regardless of which industry they focus on, are being overrun with tweets containing Bilibili Comics links.

Although the number of hashtags the Bilibili Comics spam is being posted in has reduced, these tweets are showing up more frequently if the user follows accounts that frequently retweet tweets posted in specific hashtags that were hit by the spambots. Some users have reported seeing them three to six tweets in a row, regardless if it’s separated by a sponsored tweet. Unfortunately, there is no remedy at the moment to filter out links containing specific links from the timeline.

Twitter has not publicly addressed the issue, despite user complaints. These tweets could end up in the Home and Recent Tweets timelines. Some users have been dealing with that influx by reporting, muting, or blocking the spammer’s account.


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