Tenrai Bakufu to be Repurposed into Touhou Tenchiki

Two days ago, Studio Emiko announced that Tenrai Bakufu will be put off in favor of a new project, Touhou Tenchiki. Due to the huge scope of Tenrai Bakufu and that the developer is inexperienced, Tenrai Bakufu was forced to be taken off-schedule. This was due to the implementation of a gacha character obtaining mechanic being difficult to program, as well as strict deadlines. The new project will come up in mid-August.

Tenrai Bakufu is reportedly having a troubled development, taking many times longer than normal expectations due to time constraints and other projects.

This is the third time a project like this had to be scrapped or delayed, after Touhou Tenkijou, Muse Genkaroku, and now Tenrai Bakufu. While Tenrai Bakufu may come back once Studio Emiko has more experience, the studio will make use of Visual Studio Code which Drillimation has a lot of experience in while developing the Chuhou Joutai trilogy and Touhou Project NES Demakes. The program has a workspace management feature and to-do extensions, making project management easier.

Touhou Tenchiki is expected to be a Touhou Project fangame set in a post-apocalyptic setting while taking influence from the mainline games and magical girl anime. Drillimation will compose new music for that project, while the songs that were composed for Tenrai Bakufu will be compiled in a new album titled Kagami Ochiai’s Gagaku Works, set to release on Bandcamp tomorrow.


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