How Eastern Kozan is a Free Society

When the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan was established in 1702, it prospered as a free, democratic, and open society. Queen Marisa also mentioned in her establishment speech that she wanted to strengthen humanoid-youkai relations all over and bring an end to discriminatory behavior between the two.

Kozan’s Independence Day is also a day of humanoid-youkai unity, marking them safe from Crimsonite influence or ideologies, which are a huge threat to youkai-borns. The very first time youkai-borns used the phrase “Marked Safe from the Scarlet Devil” was after the Scarlet Devil War in 1716 when Flandre Scarlet’s Gensokyo Socialist Order was defeated and the area the GSO occupied was free and safe once again. This came when Kozanese Royal Defense Force soldiers and officers came to formerly captured youkai-borns stating they were free.

Every time Kozan entered a conflict where part of their territory was captured by another entity and was taken back by Kozan, youkai-borns often used the phrase “Marked Safe from X” once the conflict concluded. The most recent time the phrase was used was after the Kozan-Soviet conflict when SPASDOT was defeated for the first time and the Soviet Union surrendered. Furthermore, the phrase “Marked Safe From the Soviet Union” went into effect.

This phrase was used at the end of the following conflicts Kozan had engaged in:

  • Scarlet Devil War (1710 – 1716)
  • Boshin War (1868 – 1869)
  • World War I (1914 – 1918)
  • World War II (1939 – 1945)
  • Kozan-Soviet Conflict (1975 – 1988)

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