Susumu Takajima’s Opinions on the Days of the Week

Every person has their preference on how they observe the days of the week. Here’s Susumu Takajima from Chuhou Joutai’s opinion, if you wanted to see it.

  • Monday – I hate them. It’s the first day of the school or work week and SPASDOT is very active. It’s their favorite day because they commit endless antics on me.
  • Tuesday – They’re annoying as it’s still the beginning of the week, and my parents interrupt me a lot. They also object to everything I try to do and it makes me mad.
  • Wednesday – On hump day, my dog gives me the right thing, but does occasionally disobey my orders. She never does what I want her to do and she’s noisy during dinner.
  • Thursday – I’m getting close to the end, but my father drinks loads of beer and harasses me. He loves sitting in front of the TV while drunk.
  • Friday – Best day of the week. I have pizza on those days and have a lot of fun with Kagami Ochiai, but SPASDOT still plays antics during that day.
  • Saturday – I’m off from school that day, but my parents love making me rant on that day. They’re church parents, and take me to stuff or make me do crap I don’t want.
  • Sunday – Makes me anxious because I return to school or work the following day. It’s still my fun day, but my parents inform me about crap I don’t care about.

Any ideas on who else I should do?


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