Tenrai Bakufu Will Face Changes in Russia

UPDATE: It was confirmed that Studio Emiko will not include this material nor these changes avoid damaging her reputation in bringing wholesome and quality content.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Tenrai Bakufu. Reader discretion is advised.

Drillimation Systems is announcing that some changes will be made to the Russian-language version of Tenrai Bakufu, given if it ever gets one. The game’s third chapter has a scene that depicts feminine-looking characters being attracted to Raiko Horikawa, one of the characters that appear in the game, and in some cases proposing marriage to her.

This is due to a law in the Russian Federation which aims to prevent children from being exposed to homosexuality and has been in effect for nearly a decade since 2013. This means all forms of media, including books, film, and even video games released in the territory are affected by this. If it is known to have homosexuality, it is slapped with an adults-only rating, and sale is restricted to adults or in some cases completely banned.

This is a controversial law and has ignited protests in Russia. Some have lobbied to overturn it only to be met with resistance from Russian authorities.

In response, all characters in a supposed Russian localization will change the aforementioned characters to more masculine ones.


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