The Fate of Touhou Tenkijou after Akira Akagi’s Banning on Discord

In the last post, the Prophet Driller discussed about Akira Akagi’s banning on the Drillimation Discord Server due to being underage. The fate of Touhou Tenkijou is currently unknown at the moment, and it is unclear if development will continue like normal or will halt until her quinceanera.

Vietnam, where Akira Akagi is based, has among the most internet users in the region with it reaching 69 million people, meaning two-thirds of the country’s population of over 96 million have internet access. However, higher age limits are present for some websites because of internet censorship laws set by Vietnam’s Communist Party.

Drillimation will still continue to compose new music for the game upon request from Akira Akagi. Access to the Discord server will be restored in May, which is four months from now. We can only hope that new users find our server on DiscordMe and join it from there. Fellow game developers also join this server to get help on game development as well.



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