Sad Start to the New Year for the Touhou Tenkijou Developer

2022 has barely rolled in and we are experiencing disruptions for the development of Touhou Tenkijou. Last week, we found out the Discord account for the developer of Touhou Tenkijou, CaraPrincess2007, has been suspended due to an apparent underage ban, even though she was over 13.

Why do you think this happened? Well, CaraPrincess is based out of Vietnam, which has a higher age limit for most websites, being 15 and she is only five months away from that milestone, meaning she is gone from the Drillimation Discord Server for almost the first half of the year. In some countries, the age requirement is higher in order to prevent children from being exposed to content that is unsuitable for their age and to comply with local internet regulations.

This is partly because the legal working age in Vietnam is 15. Vietnam, for the most part, is not a free and open society as it is a communist country headed by the Communist Party of Vietnam, which has the right to control their citizens’ freedom of speech and expression. Internet access in Vietnam is also limited for the same reason. The government blocks content for political reasons, including but not limited to preventing criticism of the government, preventing the exposure of children and the public to obscene or pornographic content, and even social media sites are also regulated. Attempts to circumvent internet censorship in the country is also illegal. In accordance with Vietnamese law for this post, we will not voice any criticisms of the Communist Party of Vietnam in any way whatsoever.

By the time the ban is over in May and when her quinceanera takes place, we can affirm that she can return to the Drillimation Discord Server, but you might not be able to see the same username. By that time, the Touhou 5: Mystic Square NES Demake will possibly be done.

Simply put, the Discord account of CaraPrincess2007 has been suspended. She has simply been locked away in a castle guarded by a dragonlord. Many may attempt to free her from that dreadful prison, but none may prevail. She’ll have to wait in the tallest tower until her quinceanera rolls around.


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