Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess: The Final Night

A lowly person has approached the outskirts of a mansion located on an island off the coast of the town of Kanjotaki at the crack of night. As he opens the large door, he goes inside as the light that was illuminating the foyer dims as he closes the door. Wandering down the hallways, he enters an open space within the mansion. A sheer amount of light from the moon is lighting up the space. From there, he sees a woman with long hair wearing a long evening gown. As the woman hears his footsteps, she turns around and greets him. What relationship will he develop with the woman?

This would be the final night told in the Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess – a series of three short stories written by an inhabitant who was enslaved in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This would also be told in the mystery game whose name has yet to be unveiled.

Details will be coming in early 2022.


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