Mystery Game’s Soundtrack is 67% Complete

The soundtrack for a new “mystery game,” which is still in pre-production, is more than two-thirds complete. The official name has yet to be unveiled, but there is a reason why so many original PC-98 songs are being uploaded to Drillimation’s YouTube channel.

The reason? Commission work for not one, but TWO individuals. Three songs were composed for an artist based out of Saudi Arabia, and numerous other songs were composed for a doujin group based out of Vietnam for their game Touhou Tenkijou, for which Drillimation will publish the Steam version. Drillimation Systems is allowed to reuse the songs they composed for that game since they own the copyright to those compositions. To avoid asset flipping, these songs will have to be remixed to work in the mystery game’s sound engine.

Two songs in the game’s soundtrack never made the final cut in Touhou Tenkijou. One person called it “weird” and the other song’s tone didn’t sound right. Almost all of them have been PC-98 originals, at least one song was composed in FamiTracker. There intends to be one more song to be composed in FamiTracker but on a different chip.

While most of the songs Drillimation has composed have mostly been for danmaku shooters, Drillimation had to take a different approach for composing for a role-playing game, the genre Touhou Tenkijou is. Drillimation does intend on developing their own RPG in the future, with an aim of being a game that could be beaten in less than twelve hours – the approximate time for a flight from Toronto, Ontario in Canada to Tokyo, Japan. The other purpose would be to level up to level 100 before taking on the final boss.

This RPG would be story-driven and would span six acts, with each act advancing five years in time. We are certainly going to try and get Whitethorn Digital to publish this title. What will await us in the future?


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