Kozan’s Involvement in WWI – How a Young Soldier Never Shed His Skin

World War I lasted from 1914 – 1918, but there was one young soldier on the battlefield that never shed his skin, and his most climactic moment happened to be in 1916. And that soldier’s name was Soichirou Kishimizu.

Born to a single mother in 1901, he was destined to fight in the Kozanese Royal Defense Force during WWI at the young age of 15 during the middle of the great conflict. He was allied by his childhood friends, the hafu Honoka Akimoto (father was Japanese, mother was Korean) and youkai-born Tsumugi Chikami. He was also allied by another youkai-born Kenta Kazami.

There was no Fred Fawkes or Hearthcliffe back then. Who else had to express their fury and chortles? Only the Prophet can create a new identity for that. Or you can decide by putting suggestions in the comments!

Kishimizu was the one who never got hit by a single round of danmaku. Neither his friends were. Maybe a future Drillimation production could tell that story!


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