First Stage of the LLS Demake Complete

Screenshot of the first stage

Drillimation Systems today, despite the Prophet Driller fighting the symptoms of his COVID booster, was able to get the very first stage of the Lotus Land Story NES Demake complete. This took the majority of a Thanksgiving vacation consisting of a four-day weekend. Drillimation Systems is hoping to get the first three stages done by the end of this year.

Drillimation Systems is intending in producing a trailer intended to show off the game. The trailer will be titled, as with the previous demakes, “If Lotus Land Story was made in 1988…”

The trailer will only show off the very first stage of the demake. Once the demake is complete, preproduction on the final demake, Mystic Square will go right away in order to be given time to complete the so-called “mystery project.” So far, only some sprites and music have been produced.


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