The Hokkaido Loophole that Led to Western Kozan

After the Great Hakurei Divide, the border that separates Japan and Kozan, was built following the Sakoku edict to keep Japan’s people in, people in Japan discovered another loophole in Hokkaido and found another way to get into Kozan without the fear of being shot and killed by those guards.

The youkai Takarazawa clan entered Kozan through Hokkaido and began settling in the mid-17th century. Because there was no governance on the western part of the Kozanese continent, people who fled Japan for that part of Kozan were considered free, and many had gotten as far as the eastern part of the Kozanese continent.

Many notable families who fled Japan for Kozan, even during the Sakoku edict include:

  • A section of the Fujiwara clan fled Japan for Kozan over half a century after the Great Hakurei Divide was built through this method. Mokou Fujiwara famously fled Japan for Kozan by doing this and would eventually produce the future Queen Consort Miho Fujiwara when the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan was established.
  • The youkai Takarazawa family fled Japan for Western Kozan through this method as well. They would eventually become one of the many families that were eligible for producing future consorts of monarchs for the Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan.

After the Democratic Kingdom of Western Kozan was established in 1703, that loophole was closed when the new communist country began setting up their borders.


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