The First Part of the Kozanese Constitution

The modern Kozanese constitution was written when Kozan declared independence from Sweden in 1809. The constitution officially declared the Federal Kingdom of Kozan as a constitutional monarchy and delineates the national frame of the Kozanese government.


The Monarchy of Kozan, as well as the people of our nation, shall order themselves to establish a free, open society. Our goals are to provide common defense and welfare, as well as secure the rights to all citizens as mentioned in this Constitution for the Federal Kingdom of Kozan.

Article 1: The System

All legislative powers established by the Monarch shall include a Prime Minister appointed by the Monarch, as well as a Parliament which includes a Senate and House of Representatives. The Representatives will be chosen every year that ends in an even number by the people of all provinces. The Senate shall be divided into three classes which expire after the second year for the first class, the fourth year for the second class, and the sixth year for the third class.

All chosen representatives must have attained an age of 25 years, been a citizen of Kozan for seven years, and be an inhabitant of the province they represent. The number of representatives for each province shall be enumerated for every 500,000 people in Kozan. When a vacancy occurs, elections will be held to fill those vacancies. The House of Representatives shall choose a speaker and other officers, who also have the power of impeachment against the Monarch and Prime Minister.

All chosen senators must have attained an age of 30 years, been a citizen of Kozan for ten years, and be an inhabitant of the province they represent. All provinces will have two senators and the Prime Minister shall be the President of the Senate. The Senate has all powers of impeachment. Only a conviction can occur if half of all guilty votes are present.

The Parliament must assemble at least once a year. Such meetings will be on the First Monday in February unless a different day is appointed.

If a bill is expected to become a law, every law shall pass the House of Representatives and Senate before if the Prime Minister and Monarch decide it should be such law. If they approve they shall sign, if not it must be returned.

Article 2: The Monarch and Prime Minister

The executive powers shall be vested by the Monarch of Kozan, as well as a Prime Minister appointed by the Monarch. The Monarch holds this power indefinitely and once a monarch vacates or abdicates the throne, the Heir Apparent shall succeed their place as Monarch. The Heir Apparent is chosen by the Monarch as either the eldest child of the Monarch or a selected relative.

The Prime Minister alongside a Vice Prime Minister chosen for the same term, shall hold the office for four years. All chosen prime ministers must have attained an age of 35 years, been a citizen of Kozan for fifteen years. The Prime Minister shall be elected on the first Tuesday in November on such years. No person shall be elected Prime Minister more than twice.

Before the Monarch takes the throne or Prime Minister takes office, the must take an oath that affirms they are able to execute their positions in an orderly fashion and protect the constitution of Kozan.


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