Although PC-98 Remixes Are Doing Well, Drillimation Experienced Worst Week on Twitter

Although Drillimation recovered from their slump on and that hungry players are back in long lines to download the HRtP NES Demake, it was reported that Drillimation had experienced their worst week on Twitter, with the number of followers going up by nine.

Drillimation on Twitter loses 10 – 20 followers a week on average. This week, only 28 people followed Drillimation while 20 were lost. Drillimation, on average, gets 30 – 50 followers a week thanks to a sophisticated marketing campaign that requires little or no money to do: going on a like spree. These do work, but to reduce downtime, Twitter imposes limits on how many tweets a user can like within a one-hour time frame.

Drillimation had to cut back on Twitter liking due to rate limiting. At one point, three of Drillimation’s applets on IFTTT were shut down for an entire day due to Twitter being overcapacity for some time. The applets are working again.

Despite this, Drillimation’s PC-98 Remixes on YouTube are doing phenomenally well, bringing in views as a way to increase viewership of content. The first remix was uploaded back in May 2021 and has lead to an increase of views.

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