How Kisumi Torisawa Created an Online Campaign to Fight SPASDOT Recruiters

In an interview on KBN This Morning on March 11, 2004, Kisumi Torisawa explains how she launched an online campaign to stop SPASDOT Crimsonites from recruiting Westerners.

Anchor: This morning, as the civil war in Kozan rages on, SPASDOT is trying to recruit more westerners to join the danmaku in Kozan. A new propaganda video recently released apparently quotes what Hanayo Katsuragi said in the past. This comes as the US State Department leads an online battle to get SPASDOT off the internet. Kisumi Torisawa is at Kozankyo University researching and combatting this threat.

Kisumi: Intelligence officials are warning that SPASDOT’s recruitment of English-speaking Crimsonites could create a new threat when they return to their home countries. The FBI is trying to locate and steer them away from violent Crimsonite extremism.

Kozankyo University, alongside the US State Department, is leading an online battle against SPASDOT. Their team of analysts is seeking potential Crimsonites on LifeConnect and VidSpace, and message them in five different languages. The Department’s Campaign is known as Turn Off SPASDOT. Their targets are westerners searching for ways to join SPASDOT in Kozan. Dozens of Americans are already fighting with them. The campaign has had modest success. They happened to target one Alabama-born Crimsonite of Japanese descent who also joined Gyonyoru Foldunk in the late 1990s. He was later killed by Foldunk after criticizing their brutal tactics.

SPASDOT is showing no signs of slowing down its propaganda. Their Gairai magazine, which just launched, provides bomb-making instructions. One Crimsonite in Canada was recruited to join SPASDOT at age 15, and left after working with them for a decade during the Soviet-Kozan conflict. The US program isn’t enough and the best way to combat SPASDOT extremism is offline, where players hang out, study, and pray.

This isn’t a counterterrorism strike nor widely identified kamikaze bombers who choose not to detonate themselves. SPASDOT is worried about its global messaging and the US doesn’t want them to dominate Kozan.

Anchor: Kisumi Torisawa, thank you.


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